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Hinges, Brackets & Rollers

Garage Door Hinge

Garage door hinges are critical to the structural integrity of your garage door. Much like the ligaments of your body hold your bones together, hinges hold your garage door together. To ensure proper function and prevent any damage to your panels, garage door hinges should be inspected for stress fractures and cracks at least twice a year. If you notice a popping or snapping sound as your garage door opens or closes, this is usually a sign that your hinges need to be replaced. If the wrong size hinge is used, it could create several problems. Gaps can appear and the door can start to rub against the door jambs. It can also prevent the door from opening and closing smoothly which can damage your panels and opener over time.

To learn more about replacing your garage door panel hinges and be sure you’re ordering the correct door hinges, contact us at 864-506-6735.

Garage Door Roller

Garage door rollers come in several shapes, sizes and materials. Determining the right type of garage door rollers for your garage door tracks are determined by two primary ways.

First, are the actual dimensions of the roller, and second is the purpose that you will be using the garage door for. The “stem length” of the rollers are usually 1”,2” or 3” lengths.

Old rollers can cause your door to be very noisy. Sometimes it takes new rollers and sometimes just a little lubricant. We use the best quality rollers for all of our repairs, which will lengthen the life of your garage door and allow all the other mechanisms to function smoothly and effortlessly.



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