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Garage Door Repairs


At Innovative Door Systems, we take pride in our expertise when it comes to all things that have to do with garage doors. Our garage door technicians will diagnose the issue that is preventing your garage door from running correctly. Our most common repairs include:

  • Broken spring repair. The most common problem that can cause your door to not run properly is a broken spring. If you suspect that you have a broken spring, DO NOT RUN YOUR DOOR. Running the garage door with a broken spring could cause further damage by putting more pressure on your opener which could be very costly. Learn more about broken garage door spring repair service.
  • Squeaky/Noisy door. Springs, rollers and hinges can squeak or be noisy. This is caused by normal use and does not necessarily indicate a problem. Use spray-on lubricant specific to garage doors before you call us. If the noise persists, call us to service your door. You could need an adjustment of the spring, rollers or hinges.
  • Frayed Cables. Do NOT attempt to remove, repair or adjust springs or cables! These mechanisms contain VERY HIGH TENSION WHICH COULD CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. The full weight of the door is contained in these cables and springs. When they are not working properly it is very dangerous if you do not know what you’re doing. Call our experts to prevent any injury to yourself or others.
  • Garage door does not close all the way, but goes back up. Something may be blocking the path of the photo eye sensors or they may be misaligned.
  • Garage door Opener. Openers allow the door to open and close. When the opener is not working properly, the door will not run properly either.
  • Off-track door. An off-track door may be a scary sight, but don’t panic! We can get your door back on-track in no time and fix what caused it to go off-track in the first place.
  • Tune-ups. Over the years, garage doors can start to become loud due to the constant moving parts. Parts can become loose and start to misalign the garage door, causing more noise and eventually possibly causing a more costly repair. Tune-ups are always recommended annually!

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

At Innovative Door Systems, we offer 24 hour emergency service to help you get your car out of your garage so you can get to where you need to be on time! You may require an emergency service for any number of reasons which could include:

  • Broken torsion spring
  • Off-Track garage door
  • Non-functioning opener
  • Frayed or snapped cables
  • Rollers out of track
  • Garage door won’t close or open

These are just a few of the reasons why you may need to call us for an emergency repair. We have one of our expert garage door technicians on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that you can get to where you need to be. We can be there within the hour of when you call and have your door fixed in no time! That’s what makes us to the top garage door service in Greenville SC & beyond.

Call us for your emergency garage door service 24/7 at (864)506-6735.



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